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Anhui Langxi County Government leaders visited our company for inspection


On the afternoon of March 30th, the secretary of the county party committee of Langxi County, Anhui Province, Peng Junyuan, the Standing Committee member Zhang Jun and other relevant government departments, visited our company to inspect and guide the work. The company's chairman Zhong Hongtian and general manager Shen Song accompanied the leaders to visit and exchange. .

At the meeting, Chairman Zhong Hongtian introduced the current situation of the company to Peng Shuji and other leaders, and introduced the company's development plan for a period of time. Peng Shuji highly praised the development of the company and the future development of the company. Look forward to it. Peng Shuji also introduced the development of the textile industry and the development and planning of the textile industrial park of the Langxi County Cross Industrial Park for the company's leaders.

After the meeting, Peng Shuji and his entourage came to the exhibition hall on the 6th floor to visit the products displayed in the sample. Mr. Shen introduced the production process and characteristics of some products in detail. Peng Shuji had a strong interest in our products and highly praised them.

Peng Shuji and his party also visited the dyeing factory workshop and affirmed the production site management, production facilities and information production management, especially the construction of exhaust gas treatment, water reuse project construction, boiler desulfurization and denitrification equipment and PTA project development. Such as the construction of environmentally friendly cleaning facilities, highly praised.

Through the prospect of the company's development blueprint, the scientific and technological content of the products, the market share, the production facilities and the construction of environmental protection facilities, Peng Shuji and his party highly recognized Jujie Microfiber and looked forward to the new purchase of our company. The company Langxi Yuanhua Textile Co., Ltd. can draw on the production advantages and R&D strength of the group company and its strong talents and financial strength. It can have better development and expects to implement the Langxi new planning and construction project smoothly.