Clean cloth product series

Clean cloth product series

Sterile rag

  • Aseptic rag

    Product Description: Clean dust-free cloth after laser cutting, ultra-pure water cleaning, irradiation sterilization。

    Product features: 1. No chip, no wool. 2. Clean and sterile. 3. Dust-holding capacity, good wear resistance, can be wiped with solvent, no fog.!

    Application Industry: Cleaning and Maintenance of Pharmaceutical Production Line, Microbiology Laboratory, Food Workshop and Other Sterile Workshops

series Finished Product Number Raw material category Gravimetric weight of finished productg/m2±10g Thickness range±0.02mm style Packing method Remarks
SS-系列: 1231 Polyester wipe cloth 120 0.4 Double-sided knitting 9*9,150Slices/bags, 14 bags/boxes Specifications and sizes can be customized
3205 Ultra-fine dustless wipe cloth 175 0.35 Double-sided knitting is common 9*9,100Slices/bags, 10 bags/boxes