Home textile fabric

Home textile fabric

Through the color, pattern, style, style and texture of the fabric to reflect the home textile fabrics
  • Sofa fabric


    High-elastic fabric is preferred, and the pull is not easily deformed

    Active printing, high color fastness, no fading

    High-grade fabric, not easy to shrink

    High elastic elastic edging, fine craft does not fall off

    Non-slip anti-slip

    High purity terephthalic acid repolymerized into polyester(PET)

    PET can be used in many fields / including fiber / various plastic devices, etc.

  • Curtain fabric


    High latitude and longitude density

    Hemp texture, soft fabric, high weight

    Physical shading, safe and healthy, the opacity is about 90%

    Heat insulation

    Feel comfortable and feel natural

    Precision seaming

  • Bedding fabric


    Delicate and soft, skin-friendly

    Moisture, breathable and dry

    Washable, wearable, durable

    High color fastness, not easy to fade

    Low shrinkage

  • Bathrobe


    Soft and soft texture, environmentally friendly printing and dyeing

    Softness and water absorption are very good

    Skin friendly and breathable

    Can do home clothes / dressing gowns

  • Multifunctional beach towel


    High hygroscopicity and high water absorption, accelerate drying, contact with the skin and naturally absorb dry surface moisture

    Long acting antibacterial

    Soft, skin friendly, good warmth

    Lightweight and portable, quick drying and no smell

    Can be used as beach mat / blanket / dry hair towel / travel towel / bath towel / aircraft blanket