Suede fabrics with soft and waxy handle, good drapability, good wearability and easy to handle
  • Basic style


    The island composite silk ultra-fine material is cleverly matched with other materials.

    Weaving blanks using different weaving processes

    After a unique fiber opening process, dyeing process, sanding process and shearing process

    Gives the fabric a soft and delicate touch, and the surface is full and delicate

    Very real elk deer skin, good drape, easy to care

  • Fashion suede


    Through printing, bronzing, punching, and fitting

    Make the surface of the fabric both velvety

    Texture with stylish patterns

    Adapt to the requirements of fast fashion

  • Classic suede


    Classical appearance mechanism of fabrics through a unique weaving process

    Combined with the original fiber opening and finishing process, it gives the product a durable and stable appearance.

  • Gossip


    1. New process. Imitation suede has been developed for more than 20 years, and various technologies in the industry have been mastered. On the basis of woven microfiber, through a series of unique finishing, it gives the fabric a better leather feel and delicate hand, and maintains the physical properties of the original mechanism cloth. It has a unique lifeline in the leather-like market.

    2. Jujie Microfiber continues to develop new technologies as a leader in the field of microfibers

    3. Excellent drape, excellent breathability, flexibility

    Applicable scenes: clothing, home textiles, automotive interiors, electronics jackets, etc.