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  • PTA recycling


    TA recycling process detailed description:

    1.The fiber-opening wastewater is subjected to multi-stage filtration, acidification and crystallization to obtain a precipitate mixture containing terephthalic acid.。

    2.The mixture is filtered and washed with multiple times of pure water to obtain clean terephthalic acid, which is dried and pulverized to obtain high purity terephthalic acid.。

    High purity terephthalic acid repolymerized into polyester(PET)

    PET can be used in many fields / including fiber / various plastic devices, etc.

  • Color yarn


    The three characteristics of color spinning are as follows:

    1.There are many varieties of fiber, the composition of raw materials is complex, and the fiber properties vary widely. At the same time, due to the large change in fiber properties after dyeing of raw materials, high demands are placed on the production process and equipment status.

    2.Many raw materials are of high value, so it is necessary to increase the production rate and reduce the number of cotton in each process.

    3.Small batches and multiple varieties, adaptability to process and management

    Brilliant color / soft gloss / simple process / low cost / low carbon environmental protection