Functional fabrics with light, quick-drying, soft and durable properties
  • High absorbent fabric


    Adopting polyester and brocade ultra-fine materials, through fiber opening and sanding process

    Gives the product good water absorption, water absorption can reach 4 times its own weight

    The fabric is soft and delicate, and it absorbs water.

    At present, some of our fabrics can reach 4 times their own weight.

  • Cool fabric


    Using a cool-feeling yarn

    Gives the fabric a cool touch, without the addition of chemical additives, cool and durable

    Soft, light, micro-elastic, breathable

  • Moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fabric


    Technology polyester and nylon combination

    The fabric is light and thin, with a strong moisture absorption function, which can quickly discharge sweat.

    It is defined by the diffusion time of water droplets and the speed of political method. Generally, the diffusion time is less than or equal to 3 seconds to meet the requirements of fast drying. The evaporation rate can be greater than or equal to 0.18g/h.。

  • Single guide wet


    One side of the fabric is made of non-absorbent material

    The other side uses a highly water-absorbent material that gives the fabric a single-guide wet function.