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Group News

The company participated in the "Textile Light" chemical fiber weaving key technology promotion activities


On June 26th, it was jointly sponsored by China Filament Weaving Association, Textile Light Technology Education Foundation and China Textile Industry Federation Science and Technology Development Department. Hai'an Municipal People's Government, Jiangsu Jujie Microfiber Technology Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hai'an High-tech Co., Ltd. The “Technology Industry Development Zone Management Committee” and the Hai’an Chemical Fiber Chamber of Commerce and other enterprises supported the “Textile Light” chemical fiber weaving key technology promotion activities held in Hai'an, Jiangsu.

A total of 130 representatives from relevant industry associations, local government leaders, chambers of commerce, institutions, industrial clusters and enterprises, experts and scholars attended the meeting. Zhang Xinjie, engineer of the research and development department of Jiangsu Jujie Microfiber Technology Group Co., Ltd., attended the event as a guest speaker.


Professional communication - Jujie microfiber talks about development

In the technology promotion process, 6 experts from 6 companies focused on the latest and most advanced technological innovations in the field of chemical fiber weaving, and introduced relevant innovation and research results, bringing inspiration and encouragement to the guests. They continue to explore new achievements in the industry. Zhang Xinjie, the engineer of the company's R&D department, introduced the development and application of microfiber fabrics from the development, development, application and prospect of microfiber fabrics. She said that microfibers have the advantage of being renewable and degradable, and they continue to expand their research and development through continuous cross-infiltration with other related disciplines. In the era of modern clothing winning by quality, the fabric developed with microfiber can greatly increase the added value of the product, realize the technology and high-grade fabric; the pursuit of high functionality and multi-function in the industrial field will become ultra-fine The driving force for the continuous expansion and research and development of fiber products.



Public welfare activities - Jujie Microfiber is willing to undertake

As a social responsibility undertaking enterprise, Jiangsu Jujie Microfiber not only attaches importance to the sound development of its own economic and social benefits, but also actively participates in the industry public welfare activities, supports a number of social welfare activities, and strives to pursue good industry responsibilities and social benefits. At the meeting, Ye Zhimin, executive vice chairman of the Textile Light Technology Education Foundation, issued a donation certificate to Jiangsu Jujie Microfiber Technology Group Co., Ltd.

This event is a professional technical and public welfare communication activity of chemical fiber weaving, which is also a valuable learning opportunity for our company. It also deepens the determination and fighting spirit of our Jujie people to promote the research and development of chemical fiber weaving key technologies. We will also continue to improve product technology and quality, and promote the development of similar products in the industry to a higher level.